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Adult Connections
– Teaching an adult Sunday school class
– Assisting an adult Sunday School teacher
– Leading a care group
– Planning or helping with special events
– Driving for adult activities
Campus Support and Resources
– Mowing and landscaping
– Organizing the church library
– Small repairs, plumbing, carpentry, painting
– Serving as an usher
– Opening and closing the buildings
– Light cleaning, dusting, sanitizing nursery toys, laundry
– Maintaining church vans or lawn care equipment
– Changing light bulbs
– Preparing communion
– Preparing sanctuary for special events
– Securing our parking lots during special events
– Helping cook Wednesday night suppers
– Outdoor cooking (i.e. grilling)
Care and Support
– Driving others to doctor appointments
– Delivering meals
– Visiting shut-ins and those in the hospital
– Planning and preparing meals for those in crisis
– Visiting the grieving
– Accepting others into your home for a meal or overnight stay – Sewing
Children (0 through 5th grade)
– Driving for children’s activities
– Teaching
– Assisting a teacher
– Assisting in Junior Church
– Serving in the nursery (infants, walkers, toddlers, pre-k)
– Helping with Vacation Bible School
– Planning children’s activities
– Preparing special mailings
– Answering phones
– Folding bulletins
– Proofreading bulletins, newsletters, etc.
Creative and Technical Arts
– Sound, lights, and projection
– Operating spotlights for special events
– Coordinating dramas
– Photography
– Videography
– Building props for dramas
– Filing music
Guest Services and Hospitality
– Greeting
– Passing out bulletins
– Assisting at the welcome center
– Assisting with medical emergencies
– Assisting with emergency clean-ups
– Corresponding with our missionaries
– Praying for our missionaries
– Coordinating mission projects
Performing Arts
– Acting in dramas (silent, minor characters, or major characters)
– Singing in the choir
– Music
Students (Grades 6 through 12)
– Driving or sponsoring for trips
– Teaching
– Assisting a teacher
– Assisting with fund raiser